Graphs are running. Though not without bugs.
Working on pixel art of my nephew.
Mocking things up.
After opening a lot of tabs, I got a ReasonML component running in my React app.
Mostly worked on figuring out the right data structure on the prototype today.
Sensor graph experiment.
I added a measurement mode to the picture hanging arrangement generator. It's not perfect but it should be a big help in trying to lay them out IRL.
What am I going to do about the overlapping labels.
Engine sensor seismograph.
Made the engine sensor visualization more dial-like. Still difficult to develop any intuition or guesses about what is going on.
.@FastForwardLabs FF08: Multi-Task Learning is here. Designed by me, printed by @swayspace.
This would probably work for a measurement path... but it probably does not make the most sense.
There is definitely some way to make a measuring guide mode for the picture hanging generator. You could do it as a traveling salesperson problem? But I'm not sure that makes any sense?
I redid my picture hanging arrangement generator. I think the set-up is a lot more stable and predictable now. Or at least I understand it better.
2018-9-6 21:57:04
Ribbon engines.
Enter the color scales.
A new report prototype begins.