More cover possibilities. These might make less technical sense but I like them better.
A cover possibility.
Making recommendation figures.
ASCII animation.
Relatively happy with the left side styling. Starting to dig into the right side. Trying a dark mode-ish theme.
Deep into styling now. I think I will cut back the category colors on the left side.
For the customer view side, I'm trying to evoke the homey feeling of the recommended section of a local bookstore. Not there yet.
A last shot of the recommendation prototype before styling begins in earnest.
Figuring out the right interface for adding custom descriptions.
Nearing feature-completeness on the recommendation prototype. I've held off on doing any extensive style work on this one longer than usual -- counting on that to-be-implemented style to tie things together at the end.
User interface design.
I'm trying out Airtable by categorizing all of the clothes I own.
Evidently in Ganbare Dunk Heroes each side had three baskets you could shoot at. An impressively weird variation on the game of basketball.
I refactored the Recommendation prototype and most of the views are working. I need to figure out some design themes to make it feel more solid as an app. It doesn't quite know what it is yet, and because of that it feels brittle to use.
I changed fish shell's welcome message to use quotes from Oblique Strategies.
This looks fun to make/use.
Artificial life experiments by Loren Schmidt.
I'm super interested in what Dyanimcland is up to.
The recommendations prototype has taken a turn.
Frank Chimero continues to make understated sites with lots of subtle character. The layout is interesting and different without being overly showy about it.