Apparently generated through ThreeJS.
Great colors. Great squiggly lines.
Color scheme inspiration.
Fast Forward Labs website relaunched.
Glitching text.
A little less deterministic. Next up, obstacles.
One step at a time.
A nice combo of lo-fi graphics and subtle effects. The bird behavior looks great.
A distance map. My first step towards pathfinding.
Checking out luminous corridor.
by Syd Mead
@shirgirp, Prince, Ernie and me running around.
Everyone is getting along now.
Me hanging out in my room.
New workspace set-up. Includes a plastic table covered in paper for notes. We'll see how it goes.
I got the basics of the eloquent javascript game tutorial working, but now I'm discouraged because I don't feel like I have a good handle on how everything is fitting together and how to expand. I think I am now going to return to a more functional (or at least Redux inspired) programming style and try and build up to the same point.
Super well executed.
This is a good looking key font and a great concept for exploring browser habits (personal keylogging).
Eloquent Javascript has a guide for making a text-based simulation world and ecosystem. This should be very helpful for thinking about how to organize the code in my experiments.