New workspace set-up. Includes a plastic table covered in paper for notes. We'll see how it goes.
I got the basics of the eloquent javascript game tutorial working, but now I'm discouraged because I don't feel like I have a good handle on how everything is fitting together and how to expand. I think I am now going to return to a more functional (or at least Redux inspired) programming style and try and build up to the same point.
Super well executed.
This is a good looking key font and a great concept for exploring browser habits (personal keylogging).
Eloquent Javascript has a guide for making a text-based simulation world and ecosystem. This should be very helpful for thinking about how to organize the code in my experiments.
Permadeath ties in with procedural content because it forces you to restart all the time and forces you to see the procedural elements of the game.
A very clear and succinct explanation of why permadeath is a big part of roguelikes.
Are your algorithms emotionally relevant to your project?
From Loren Schmidt’s section in Procedural Generation in Game Design. At first this sounds wildly impractical, but that impracticality is a window into an alternate value system. If you value emotional relevance in algorithms and want to evaluate them on that basis no-one can stop you.
I got the people (dots) to step back and say excuse me. I think this was a good exercise in running into a bunch of the ways collision detection is not easy. I'll probably do some research on how other people handle it now.
This is not really how I expected this collision detection/avoidance to feel, but it does technically satisfy the conditions I programmed.
They don't collide now, but they don't continue to move either.
Returning to the game/terrain experiments. These rows are eventually going to be people walking. I want to experiment with how to do collision detection. The next step is just to get one of the potential colliders to wait while the other passes.
Going to dig into this more soon.
Experimenting with cut-out scan team portrait aesthetics.
Got the squares to stop hanging around the edges and put this version up.
I got the terrain and people (black squares) generating. The people respect the walls but not the terrain.
I started on my "The City and the City" game (or more likely just terrain generation experiment) tonight.
Still lots of placeholder text but I'm feeling pretty good about this homepage layout.
Team page possibilities. CSS pixel art filters from
The wonky perspective on the jaws is perfect.