Work by Andrew Benson.
I wrote about how making simple little world simulations helps me be more interested in the actual world.
I made a tile editor for my backyard simulator.
Liza Daly's interactive fiction story 'Harmonia' and her write-up about it.
237,903 items.
My first time making a flyTo method by with chained tweens from Tween.js. It needs proportional timing work, but the general pieces are all in place.
Three.js and I are getting along better and I am learning about some strange books.
TIL if you're doing 2D stuff in Three.js, sort your intersects by 'distanceToRay'.
Really trying to understand raycast intersections in Three.js.
Three.js debugging.
Info on using low-poly SVGs as placeholder images. I didn't know all these SVG processing options existed. I wonder what other uses they could be put too...
Abandoned Cinema in the Sinnai Hills by Diynn Eadel. It was set for it's first film, Jurassic Park in 1997 but has never had a showing.
"How Generative Music Works" presentation by Tero Parviainen
Checking out my website on lynx.
The dogs only pee by the walls. #procgen
Divided the backyard into grass and cement.
Surrounded by cats.
Highly realistic dog and cat movement.
Dog generator. Soon to be a one-dog mover.
The uncertainty of image object recognition put to poetic uses by Lynn Cherry.