The first day of the average sky color clock running for (almost) the entire day.
The data only starts at 2:45 but I'm very happy with how the sky clock is shaping up. Looking forward to seeing a whole day in there.
Working on the brooklyn sky color clock. I got Micha's python code running locally. The sky hasn't change much since I started it up though.
Observable notebooks are a fun way to write about code. This one's getting really long and much more involved than I had planned, though.
Mapscii in the terminal with "telnet"
I'm going to make an observable notebook.
I extended our blog post editor to handle are markdown newsletter emails as well. The newsletters require absolute links so I used marked's ability to custom block renders to create warnings when the necessary site.github.url prefix is not included.
I figured out a cross-site custom font issue, so now the blog-post editor is fully operational. Going to try and think of ways to generalize it so it can run on any github-hosted jekyll site.
The post editor edited this.
The markdown editor loads existing posts now.
I made the dialog for importing a markdown file. Now I just have to make it actually work.
Pumped I got this image library feature working for the post editor, slightly worried I'm going to end up recreating the wordpress admin by the time this is over.
Image uploading is going to be the gnarliest part of this text editor. Checking out the new HTML dialog element as part of the process.
Progress on the CFFL blog post editor. React is a good library.
Because I couldn't resist any longer I am making a mini-CMS for the FFL blog.
Updated the reports gif to include our latest report.
Alternate universe FFL book covers.
The image glitch changes every time I toggle the visibility of the layer of the image.
I screenshot the glitch and it made a bigger glitch.
Photoshop glitch of the FFL report covers.