Highlight everything!
Sidebar styled.
This is a bug, but graph nodes on top of the sidebar is a good aesthetic.
I got rid of all the colors.
With Micha's help I got better results, but stepping back I think this was the wrong approach. Mostly because the distance between hues does not necessarily line up with what you perceive as a different hue. Which I kind of knew, but now I really understand the limits of.
Working on setting up a color scheme algorithm that gets me the 'most different' color each time I add a color. This is working for individual (hue, saturation, lightness) values within the ranges I set, but I guess because there is a periodicity to how I am setting each of those values it's not giving the results I hoped for. So I'm going to try and figure out a fix.
This is less decipherable than I thought it would be.
I added fake names and real TV shows to the collaborative filtering demo in progress.
A graph is rendered.
Starting on a new demo with a pretty representative set of open browser tabs.
A nice post on procedural color schemes.
I finished and delivered my nephew's website birthday card a week or so ago. It was well received. Next year I feel like I'll try and make some sort of character rather than just letters, but this one took longer than I planned so I had to scope to a stopping point. I built all the letters out of points picked by hand.
I switched to vim a few weeks ago. I did a lot of color scheme tweaking yesterday (a modified version of the Dracula theme) and started using tmux. Feeling pretty good about the set-up so far.
I made this composite shot of all our FFL covers so far a while ago but had not posted it here yet.
Photos of classified military bases taken using telescopes. By Trevor Paglen.
After all, when you play a game like this it gives you direct, first-hand experience of what it’s like to be a disembodied intelligence that is ruthlessly pursuing an arbitrary goal.
Turns out Universal Paperclips is a commentary on AI. I like the connection between the role taken on by a person playing a game and an AI trained on a specific task. A (good) game trains a person how to play through play. That's also what makes them a good candidate for training AI – because everything you need to know about the game can be gleamed from trial and error as you play the game.
Spent at least an hour getting sucked further and further into this.
Painting the t-sne red (learning three.js mouse interactions).
I made a page for myself to remember important dates and how long I have been different places.
I put up a page of media resources for FFL reports and prototypes. It's mostly for internal use, but kind of a nice overview of what we've put out. The files are pulled and displayed from folders using the github API. This is my second iteration of using github pages to list static directory contents. I like the system. I'd like to expand on it and make it more flexible at some point.