On different metaphors for websites. A good reminder that you get to choose.
Working on a web app version of the picture hanging arrangement algorithm.
Exploring the next report color.
The Creative Independent let's editors highlight certain passages to draw attention. It's a really nicely-scoped annotation feature -- easy to understand what is happening for both the audience and different editors, without going down a rabbit-hole of pull-quote or formatting options. It also opens up the possibility of doing other things with those highlights.
Some pretty cool moves in here.
I made a 3d version of my accessible color contrast explorer.
I made a color cube.
I made a notebook to explore which colors pass the web accessibility contrast thresholds.
A cool solution to determining the spacing of your color palette: use k-means clustering.
An HCL color space example.
An HCL color space example.
Doing some more experiments to develop intuition about LAB color space.
I made a notebook exploring the "sinebow" rainbow a little bit. Still getting my head around color spaces.
I made an example of how to nest CSS grid with fixed headers. There's an absolute positioning trick to make sure the scrollable section takes up the available space without going over. I end up using this pattern with React components a lot.
Broadsheets and tabloids.
I'm listing the articles from the NY Post RSS feed for completely legit reasons. Also, I like how the open tabs really show the development process for this one.
Figuring out a color scheme.
We hung some pictures using advice from the picture hanging generator I made.
We hung some pictures using advice from the picture hanging generator I made.
Experimenting with generated highlighting color schemes. Using chroma.js to set a consistent luminance.