I got the picture hanging calculator to align things better.
The Narrated City
The SciFi mini-site is up.
Teachable Machine is one of my favorite machine learning demo projects and this is a nice behind the scenes. I think the "always in inference mode" was an especially nice move.
I put up my picture hanging code sketch.
I think I imagined this being more optimized than it is, but it makes sense that it's like this.
The wall picture arranger is sort of working -- I think I need to switch from an Archimedian spiral to a rectangular one.
It was hard to find examples of a center-out rectangle packing algorithm until I remembered that that is what word clouds are. Now I am working off this write-up of how Wordle works.
I'm trying to make a wall picture arrangement algorithm.
Working on a birthday card.
I added a button that will tell me out loud (in a robot voice) how long I have been doing certain things.
I'm back from vacation and I finally got this mouse-powered scroller working so you can enter at any point without it jumping. Red line is its delta reference.
Getting touch events sorted out.
Lil scrolly box feeling pretty OK now.
Pretty sure I need to cut this report marquee crawl as well.
I had to cut this effect because it was too distracting, but it was a cool CSS trick.
Baba is You game trailer. The rules are exposed and manipulatable in-game. Such a great idea.
With @jqpubliq's help I got Skyclock to display on the old @electricobjects prototype screen. Hopefully I will get it wall-mounted soon.
The best neural-net art thing I've seen. The cloth -> ocean is so smart. It makes the output into a suggestive analogy (helping you see the connections between waves and cloth) rather than just a technical trick.
I made a notebook to try and figure out how to reliably set the background span size for highlights. I really like the notebook form for thinking through stuff like this.