Grant Custer


Work and Inspiration in progress.
  • Work 2020-5-27
    Trying out dwm.
  • Inspiration 2020-5-25
  • Inspiration 2020-5-24
    Why Kakoune — The quest for a better code editor
  • Work 2020-5-22
    Working out the labeling scheme.
  • Work 2020-5-22
    Figuring this layout out.
  • Work 2020-5-19
    Still working on refactoring and finishing up Span.
  • Work 2020-5-18
    Still generating.
  • Inspiration 2020-5-18
    ZeptoBars - die-shots of electronics.
  • Inspiration 2020-5-17
    Orb.Farm by Max Bittker.
  • Work 2020-5-17
    Experimenting with generating a random room map to use as my background.
  • Work 2020-5-16
    Realized there was nothing stopping me from using @benoitbodhuin's BallPill as a status bar font.
  • Work 2020-5-15
    I might be galaxy-braining this, but I think I am going to make this website as a set of spritesheet-esque images generated using node canvas. I got very basic reload-on-changes generation working.
  • Work 2020-5-14
    I'd been super cautious about trying to use the node canvas package, but (at least for this spritesheet generating case) it works great.
  • Work 2020-5-14
    The setup.
  • Work 2020-5-13
    Documenting a cut. I built it so you could have six different 'texts', with separate inputs. But I'm realizing the complexity isn't worth it, you can get the same result with one text using new lines.
  • Work 2020-5-12
    Tweaked some config files.
  • Work 2020-5-10
    Refactoring Span... it feels peaceful without the text.
  • Work 2020-5-10
    The yard.
  • Inspiration 2020-5-10
    Chatting with Glue by @maxkriegers
  • Work 2020-5-9
    Placing text.
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