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Mapscii in the terminal with "telnet mapscii.me"
Lots of inspiring design on the Dow-Smith website. I'm especially feeling this menu that blurs depending on mouse position.
Fun and also well-scoped in terms of being interactive without overwhelming you with a bunch of config options.
"The NES has 2048 bytes of RAM. I snapshotted the RAM at each frame (60 fps) during 5 seconds of gameplay and plotted time series of the ones that changed at least once." – Michael Fogleman
ASCII animation.
User interface design.
Evidently in Ganbare Dunk Heroes each side had three baskets you could shoot at. An impressively weird variation on the game of basketball.
This looks fun to make/use.
Artificial life experiments by Loren Schmidt.
I'm super interested in what Dyanimcland is up to.
Frank Chimero continues to make understated sites with lots of subtle character. The layout is interesting and different without being overly showy about it.
NYC Subway Travel Time Map by Nate Parrott.
Mario Clock by Zach Gage.
Interesting interface for animation. Used with a neural network here, but you could do the same thing with a procedural generation system. I'm still trying to figure out for myself how machine learning products can learn from procedural generation experiments.
Great talk by Zach Lieberman. Good for helping me stay focused on regularly creation and iteration.
I wonder if the FFL blog could have run off this instead of markdown. Google docs is still the best for collaborative editing and I never got a good markdown flow out of it. Maybe with this we could go straight from google doc to post.
A good write-up of how it feels to design things.
Really enjoying these coding videos. The thought process he walks through in terms of early visualization experiments is similar to a lot of the stuff I do.
Work by Andrew Benson.
Liza Daly's interactive fiction story 'Harmonia' and her write-up about it.