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A nice post on procedural color schemes.
Photos of classified military bases taken using telescopes. By Trevor Paglen.
After all, when you play a game like this it gives you direct, first-hand experience of what it’s like to be a disembodied intelligence that is ruthlessly pursuing an arbitrary goal.
Turns out Universal Paperclips is a commentary on AI. I like the connection between the role taken on by a person playing a game and an AI trained on a specific task. A (good) game trains a person how to play through play. That's also what makes them a good candidate for training AI – because everything you need to know about the game can be gleamed from trial and error as you play the game.
Spent at least an hour getting sucked further and further into this.
"This site is based on the first section from Steve Reich's 1967 piece Piano Phase. Two pianists repeat the same twelve note sequence, but one gradually speeds up."
Loren schmidt uses negative space + lo-fi graphics really well.
As if the architecture in Manifold Garden wasn't beautiful enough, he's coding flowers now.
Apparently generated through ThreeJS.
Great colors. Great squiggly lines.
Color scheme inspiration.
Glitching text.
A nice combo of lo-fi graphics and subtle effects. The bird behavior looks great.
Checking out luminous corridor.
by Syd Mead
Super well executed.
This is a good looking key font and a great concept for exploring browser habits (personal keylogging).
Eloquent Javascript has a guide for making a text-based simulation world and ecosystem. This should be very helpful for thinking about how to organize the code in my experiments.
Permadeath ties in with procedural content because it forces you to restart all the time and forces you to see the procedural elements of the game.
A very clear and succinct explanation of why permadeath is a big part of roguelikes.
Are your algorithms emotionally relevant to your project?
From Loren Schmidt’s section in Procedural Generation in Game Design. At first this sounds wildly impractical, but that impracticality is a window into an alternate value system. If you value emotional relevance in algorithms and want to evaluate them on that basis no-one can stop you.
Going to dig into this more soon.