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The hill chart for project tracking in Basecamp. I like this a lot. I think the hill aspect itself might be unnecessarily literal, but I really like the idea of clearly communicating the risk and uncertainty in the early stages.
Black Bolt art by Christian Ward.
School layouts optimized for traffic flow by Joel Simon.
By Kate Compton. This gets at some of the issues I've been trying to figure out with the picture hanging arrangement generator.
Cool project and the design is super well scoped and executed.
Latent space visualization.
Brent Jackson implemented a similar thing in as a tool for testing React components.
I'm going to do a show and tell of the picture hanging generator app at eyeo so I'm putting together inspiration slides. First up is Jon Gold's post about Declarative Design Tools.
A nice and really well-scoped explainer by Nicky Case.
On different metaphors for websites. A good reminder that you get to choose.
The Creative Independent let's editors highlight certain passages to draw attention. It's a really nicely-scoped annotation feature -- easy to understand what is happening for both the audience and different editors, without going down a rabbit-hole of pull-quote or formatting options. It also opens up the possibility of doing other things with those highlights.
Some pretty cool moves in here.
A cool solution to determining the spacing of your color palette: use k-means clustering.
New Oneohtrix Point Never song + video is out.
The Narrated City
Teachable Machine is one of my favorite machine learning demo projects and this is a nice behind the scenes. I think the "always in inference mode" was an especially nice move.
It was hard to find examples of a center-out rectangle packing algorithm until I remembered that that is what word clouds are. Now I am working off this write-up of how Wordle works.
Baba is You game trailer. The rules are exposed and manipulatable in-game. Such a great idea.
The best neural-net art thing I've seen. The cloth -> ocean is so smart. It makes the output into a suggestive analogy (helping you see the connections between waves and cloth) rather than just a technical trick.
"Client Email Helper" by Jessica Hische looks like a good guide for how to phrase things as a freelancer.