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Latent space visualization.
Brent Jackson implemented a similar thing in as a tool for testing React components.
I'm going to do a show and tell of the picture hanging generator app at eyeo so I'm putting together inspiration slides. First up is Jon Gold's post about Declarative Design Tools.
A nice and really well-scoped explainer by Nicky Case.
On different metaphors for websites. A good reminder that you get to choose.
The Creative Independent let's editors highlight certain passages to draw attention. It's a really nicely-scoped annotation feature -- easy to understand what is happening for both the audience and different editors, without going down a rabbit-hole of pull-quote or formatting options. It also opens up the possibility of doing other things with those highlights.
Some pretty cool moves in here.
A cool solution to determining the spacing of your color palette: use k-means clustering.
New Oneohtrix Point Never song + video is out.
The Narrated City
Teachable Machine is one of my favorite machine learning demo projects and this is a nice behind the scenes. I think the "always in inference mode" was an especially nice move.
It was hard to find examples of a center-out rectangle packing algorithm until I remembered that that is what word clouds are. Now I am working off this write-up of how Wordle works.
Baba is You game trailer. The rules are exposed and manipulatable in-game. Such a great idea.
The best neural-net art thing I've seen. The cloth -> ocean is so smart. It makes the output into a suggestive analogy (helping you see the connections between waves and cloth) rather than just a technical trick.
"Client Email Helper" by Jessica Hische looks like a good guide for how to phrase things as a freelancer.
Always inspired by stuff Jake Dow-Smith. Interesting interactions scoped down enough that they're not distracting.
Mapscii in the terminal with "telnet mapscii.me"
Lots of inspiring design on the Dow-Smith website. I'm especially feeling this menu that blurs depending on mouse position.
Fun and also well-scoped in terms of being interactive without overwhelming you with a bunch of config options.
"The NES has 2048 bytes of RAM. I snapshotted the RAM at each frame (60 fps) during 5 seconds of gameplay and plotted time series of the ones that changed at least once." – Michael Fogleman