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I added a waterfall view and cleaned up my weekday-only calendar logic for the project timeline.
I'm adding a waterfall view to the project timeline calendar and trying to make the set-up less hack-y. CSS grid has been pretty useful for the view.
I put the project calendar on the office raspberry pi.
I put the project calendar on the office raspberry pi.
The most recent sci-fi story is up on our sci-fi mini-site.
I got inline footnotes working in Gatsby.js for the new sci-fi story. The DOM manipulation was not the prettiest but it works.
I'm using the calendar-o-matic notebook I made to look at the process from our last report and prototype cycle.
I made a project calendar timeline controlled through plain text. Based off Mike Bostock's Tree-o-Matic.
Laying out a report.
Figuring out the cover.
It's figure drawing week.
I think this is going to work.
Not quite the intended effect, but getting close.
Bring in the canvas.
Going for that Atari box art look.
Everything is going great.
More color coding experiments.
A lot of colors.
I'm trying out a padding function based off the aspect ratio of the font. This gets me most of the way to the font character-based grid I've been experimenting with.