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I switched it so instead of dogs peeing at random they pee when their bladders are full. (Water source coming soon, for now their bladders just fill automatically.)
The dogs are now more likely to pee where a dog has already peed.
I got better Three.js circle results using a 256x256 image with no hard edges (no semi-transparent pixels). They are still a little blurry around the edges though.
My circle sprites are lumpy and I don't really understand why.
After lots of data structure reworking the visualization and the sidebar are now in sync.
Implementing dog pee.
The dogs wear down the grass and the grass grows back sometimes. There are too many dogs for the current backyard ecosystem.
A reviewer's taste plotted.
An enthusiastic reviewer. Hit some CSS grid speed bumps with this layout, but I'm back on track now.
CSS grid is good.
Exposing more of the code/structure in the simulation interface is helping me keep things straight in my head.
I added a dev task list to the backyard simulator.
I wrote about how making simple little world simulations helps me be more interested in the actual world.
I made a tile editor for my backyard simulator.
237,903 items.
My first time making a flyTo method by with chained tweens from Tween.js. It needs proportional timing work, but the general pieces are all in place.
Three.js and I are getting along better and I am learning about some strange books.
TIL if you're doing 2D stuff in Three.js, sort your intersects by 'distanceToRay'.
Really trying to understand raycast intersections in Three.js.
Three.js debugging.