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Everything is going great.
More color coding experiments.
A lot of colors.
I'm trying out a padding function based off the aspect ratio of the font. This gets me most of the way to the font character-based grid I've been experimenting with.
This was fun. The gradient is from the mode of the first column classification to the mode of the second column classification.
New York Post headlines as lorem ipsum.
The official category colors (for now).
I made a nagivable grid of text inputs.
Experimenting with making a grid of monospaced character inputs.
I made a one-character-sized grid for the figure illustrations.
I don't think this slider version is successful -- to hard to understand the logic of what's going on.
Experimenting with a slider-based variation explorer for the picture hanging arrangement generator.
Back from eyeo working on the picture hanging arrangement generator in the backyard. Displaying the label letters on the pictures themselves seemed like a logical step but was too distracting, so they're gone now.
Prototyping styling for the prototype in a notebook.
Seems reasonable.
More navigation signposting added to the picture hanging arranger algorithm.
I got the permutation explorer working well enough to add the generated arrangements back in.
Drilling down through permutations.
Figuring out how to break the picture hanging permutations into levels.
Going to try making the report illustrations in Figma this time around.