Why binary explained with a pizza metaphor by @sailorhg in _how do calculators even_.
Matthew Rayfield World
"Here, new writing systems are created by challenging two neural networks to communicate information via images." By Joel Simon.
"Granny", a collaboration with A until she lost interest.
More ASCII art pixel-to-letter matching experiments.
Font character density broken up into four regions (top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right). Going to see if this gets me better ASCII art results.
Open syllabus galaxy: most assigned texts embedded with UMAP.
Doing responsive clean-up on Textflix.
Peter Dreher has "painted the same glass more than 2,500 times at night and more than 2,500 times during the daytime" since 1974.
Text portraits: ASCII art generated from an image using only the characters from the text box.
Experiments in using description text as source characters for ASCII art.
Video profile of Circuit Training by Mario Klingemann.
My face my name.
My face.
Sort font characters by percent of black pixels.
Responsive ASCII art me
Y′UV was invented when engineers wanted color television in a black-and-white infrastructure.
ASCII art me in the park.
ASCII character representation of grey scale images by Paul Bourke.
Examples of PhotoViz, work at the intersection of photography and data visualization, collected by Nicolas Felton.