I made some snowflakes. I think I want to put them in a hexagonal grid next.
Something is off in my math here, but symmetry makes everything look intentional.
I'm researching procedurally-generated snowflakes.
I finished the prototype demo video player for the prototypes we've made at Fast Forward Labs. We wanted something we could project at events/booths. It's a good overview of the machine learning prototype work we've been doing for over 4 years now!
Making a video player and figuring out some sizing. I'm continuing to explore doing almost all the layout as math in the render function.
So justified photo layouts are done by turning layout into a graph-traversal problem, and that approach is based on a dynamic line-breaking algorithm Donald Knuth and made for laying out text in TeX.
Moved part of my blog over to a new, grid-based layout which shows the browser-size at the top. Lots to clean-up but enjoying the move so far.
Word Hy-phen-a-tion by Com-put-er by Franklin Mark Liang. (The text layout research is going great.)
SpaceSheet - interactive latent space exploration through a spreadsheet interface
Experiments in keeping lines centered as you scroll.
Taking some text for a walk.
bodies.html by Everest Pipkin
I wrote about how our Turbofan Tycoon prototype was inspired by Universal Paperclips and Vim.
Trying out some of the grid stuff on my blog.
While thinking about layout/grids I've been looking at SSENSE's editorial stuff. The use of indents/different fonts is really interesting.
More layout grid experiments.
Karl Gerstner's Capital magazine design.
At the stage of working on this idea where I'm not sure if it is a really good one or not actually an idea at all.
Always enjoy going to @jxnblk's site to look something up and finding out how he's restyled the front-page. Looking default-minimal-styles good right now.
Experimenting with using canvas to layout and render at print resolution.