New grid system in place.
Trying out the big font sizes again.
Doing some characters-per-line experiments.
The Design Systems blog by Figma is very pretty.
Thinking about getting rid of the lines for the sidebar/cover map.
Working on fleshing out the FF11 prototype interface.
After maybe six months of VS Code in vim mode I'm back to Vim. There were a couple of (mostly understandable) rough edges in the vim mode plugin that bugged me. Feels like I'm back on solid ground now, even if I miss some of the autocomplete features.
Background colors.
HCL hue rotation as calendar
More layout map and hover effect refinement.
This seems like something. Network diagram based on the box layout.
Hmmm, I've got an idea.
I feel like this layout was very close to working but I just couldn't crack it. Going to pare it back.
Making connections.
Taking some procedural steps with dots and grouping into rows.
Nothing like prototyping with the actual content for keeping you honest.
Microsoft Creative Writer interface. Never used this, but it is evidently a precursor to Microsoft Bob which I used and remain fascinated by.
Filling in the grid.
A grid emerges.