Experimental projects at varying stages of completion.

  • Dialog Feed (9/1/2018) - The previous version of my feed. It has inspiration posts on the left and my work on the right.
  • Timeline (8/29/2018) - A timeline view of my work posts. Vertical position is determine by date and horizontal by time of day.
  • RSS Feed (10/27/2017) - An RSS feed for my feed.
  • Dates (10/8/2017) - A page to help me remember important dates and how long I've been doing certain things.
  • The City and the City - An experiment in terrain generation and possibly game development.
    • v1 (8/5/2017) - Terrain generates and people move around.
    • v2 (8/12/2017) - People crossing paths and saying excuse me.
  • Project Ideas (7/6/2017) - A list of personal project ideas.
  • Feed Archive View (7/1/2017) - An alternate view of the feed, where post thumbnails are grouped by month. It loads a lot of images at once so proceed with caution if you're paying for data.