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Backyard Simulator

I got the basics of the eloquent javascript game tutorial working, but now I'm discouraged because I don't feel like I have a good handle on how everything is fitting together and how to expand. I think I am now going to return to a more functional (or at least Redux inspired) programming style and try and build up to the same point.
Me hanging out in my room.
Everyone is getting along now.
@shirgirp, Prince, Ernie and me running around.
A distance map. My first step towards pathfinding.
One step at a time.
A little less deterministic. Next up, obstacles.
A walled grid with hot-reloading config options saved to local storage. It's going well so far but I haven't gotten to any of the tricky parts.
Highly realistic dog and cat movement.
Surrounded by cats.
Divided the backyard into grass and cement.
The dogs only pee by the walls. #procgen
I made a tile editor for my backyard simulator.
I added a dev task list to the backyard simulator.
Exposing more of the code/structure in the simulation interface is helping me keep things straight in my head.
The dogs wear down the grass and the grass grows back sometimes. There are too many dogs for the current backyard ecosystem.
Implementing dog pee.
The dogs are now more likely to pee where a dog has already peed.
I switched it so instead of dogs peeing at random they pee when their bladders are full. (Water source coming soon, for now their bladders just fill automatically.)