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FF07 prototype: Deep Bargain Book Store

I got Three.js zoom and pan working on a 2D visualization with a ton of points.
I plugged some data from a t-sne into the Three.js zoom and pan set-up. It's running well and looks a little ominous. I can't make animated GIFs of it currently because when I screen-record in quicktime it throws the rendering off – I guess because they're both fighting over the GPU.
I got multiple colors working, and some zoom scaling as you get in pretty close. The bummer is when I try and get it to do much while zooming I wind up crashing the browser. I don't have a good intuition for what is too much with three.js right now, so it makes for an anxious development experience.
Painting the t-sne red (learning three.js mouse interactions).
Three.js debugging.
Really trying to understand raycast intersections in Three.js.
TIL if you're doing 2D stuff in Three.js, sort your intersects by 'distanceToRay'.
Three.js and I are getting along better and I am learning about some strange books.
My first time making a flyTo method by with chained tweens from Tween.js. It needs proportional timing work, but the general pieces are all in place.
237,903 items.
CSS grid is good.
An enthusiastic reviewer. Hit some CSS grid speed bumps with this layout, but I'm back on track now.
A reviewer's taste plotted.
After lots of data structure reworking the visualization and the sidebar are now in sync.
2017-12-7 20:57:23
Interesting interface for animation. Used with a neural network here, but you could do the same thing with a procedural generation system. I'm still trying to figure out for myself how machine learning products can learn from procedural generation experiments.
My circle sprites are lumpy and I don't really understand why.
I got better Three.js circle results using a 256x256 image with no hard edges (no semi-transparent pixels). They are still a little blurry around the edges though.
The recommendations prototype has taken a turn.
I refactored the Recommendation prototype and most of the views are working. I need to figure out some design themes to make it feel more solid as an app. It doesn't quite know what it is yet, and because of that it feels brittle to use.
Nearing feature-completeness on the recommendation prototype. I've held off on doing any extensive style work on this one longer than usual -- counting on that to-be-implemented style to tie things together at the end.
Figuring out the right interface for adding custom descriptions.
A last shot of the recommendation prototype before styling begins in earnest.
Deep into styling now. I think I will cut back the category colors on the left side.
Relatively happy with the left side styling. Starting to dig into the right side. Trying a dark mode-ish theme.