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FF08 prototype: Newsie

Doing some highlighting-words-in-html tests for the new prototype.
Experimenting with generated highlighting color schemes. Using chroma.js to set a consistent luminance.
Figuring out a color scheme.
I'm listing the articles from the NY Post RSS feed for completely legit reasons. Also, I like how the open tabs really show the development process for this one.
Broadsheets and tabloids.
Seems reasonable.
Prototyping styling for the prototype in a notebook.
The official category colors (for now).
New York Post headlines as lorem ipsum.
This was fun. The gradient is from the mode of the first column classification to the mode of the second column classification.
I'm trying out a padding function based off the aspect ratio of the font. This gets me most of the way to the font character-based grid I've been experimenting with.
A lot of colors.
More color coding experiments.
Everything is going great.
Going for that Atari box art look.
Bring in the canvas.
Not quite the intended effect, but getting close.
I think this is going to work.