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FF09 prototype

A new report prototype begins.
Enter the color scales.
Ribbon engines.
Made the engine sensor visualization more dial-like. Still difficult to develop any intuition or guesses about what is going on.
Engine sensor seismograph.
Sensor graph experiment.
Mostly worked on figuring out the right data structure on the prototype today.
Mocking things up.
Graphs are running. Though not without bugs.
Figuring out ways to make the differences in strategy performance more intuitive.
Added competitors + competitor graphs.
Even more graphs.
After experimenting with how far I could get with vanilla javascript, I moved the prototype back into React. Mainly for making-sense-of-the-structure reasons.
Nobody is making a profit.
Working on the skill-tree logic.
When to hire a data scientist.
Got enough of the logic nailed down that it's time to start cleaning up the layout.
More color work and conceptual consolidation, a few more things need to coalesce.
border: solid 1px black;
More style.
I refactored everything and now I'm almost back to where I was.
Who doesn't dream of operating a factory containing four turbofans?
Most of the way there means adding the necessary info boxes.
Nothing like returning to a project and stripping almost all the styles from it.
New ribbons.
Re-style pretty much finished. I'm really happy with how the turbofan status ribbons turned out. Now returning to work on the info boxes.
I finally figured out I could run a page with an iframe at the exact size I want the video so I don't have to deal with my screen recorder recording the rounded bottom corners of my browser.
Our Turbofan Tycoon prototype is live.