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Fast Forward Labs blog

Working on a new blog set-up + theme.
Experimenting with new and different FFL blog headers.
Checking alignment and spacing on the new blog.
Gridding it out.
Working on integrating preview images in to the blog home page.
Trying out a featured post template.
A more stylized post preview/link for the blog. Still thinking/tweaking.
I made more tweaks and the grid is now responsive. Added the featured post back in.
Trying to figure out a link element design that will look good with a variety of links. I also need to be make sure there's a noticeable hierarchy where links are less important than posts.
Some general clean-up and some more work on the link blocks.
Still working on balancing the link elements with the post ones. I want to make them feel at home in the site design but I also want to set them off from the post links and show that they're less important.
Full-width code blocks for blog posts. And a color scheme drawn from our book colors – will probably tweak colors some more.
Work on the links to more posts from the post page for the FFL blog.
Excited about having elements other than posts appear in the blog feed – with their position determined procedurally.
Feeling kind of stuck, so I commented out the stylesheet. This usually happens at least three times a project.
Started back at the basics, and going mobile first for real on the FFL blog. Also added a fluid type set-up.
Cleaned up post preview. Rhythm feeling pretty good to me, for now, at least.
I made a codepen detailing the layout dilemma I am facing for the FFL blog.
FFL blog design after a mobile-first rebuild. After a lot of fiddling with the link blocks I added a gray border to them – I was really trying to avoid borders and lines, but they make the hierarchy a lot clearer here. I also did a bunch of fiddling with the post-type text, including trying out small caps. Eventually I settled on kind of faking the small caps since the black weight didn't have a small cap variant and the bold one had kind of rough kerning anyway.
Trying out some button styles for the ffl blog.
Getting real close on the FFL blog. Imported the newest posts.
Some small tweaks to the blog spacing. Prepping for applying the styles to other FFL properties.
Chambers Sans proved just a little too rectilinear for long passages. So I spent some time figuring out a complementary body font for the blog. I settled on Seravek which has enough angular elements (I really like the lowercase b) to complement Chambers but also has enough curves to be friendlier to long text.
New layout for the clients page. Still thinking.
This was kind of a glitch but now it is pointing in an exciting direction.
Building a small web app to allow FFL people to more easily add "We're reading" links to the blog. Trying out Vue.js as a framework with it.
Experimenting with grid layout options on the FFL blog.