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Fast Forward Labs blog editor

Because I couldn't resist any longer I am making a mini-CMS for the FFL blog.
Progress on the CFFL blog post editor. React is a good library.
Image uploading is going to be the gnarliest part of this text editor. Checking out the new HTML dialog element as part of the process.
Pumped I got this image library feature working for the post editor, slightly worried I'm going to end up recreating the wordpress admin by the time this is over.
I made the dialog for importing a markdown file. Now I just have to make it actually work.
The markdown editor loads existing posts now.
The post editor edited this.
I figured out a cross-site custom font issue, so now the blog-post editor is fully operational. Going to try and think of ways to generalize it so it can run on any github-hosted jekyll site.
I extended our blog post editor to handle are markdown newsletter emails as well. The newsletters require absolute links so I used marked's ability to custom block renders to create warnings when the necessary site.github.url prefix is not included.