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Fast Forward Labs reports

Screenshot of design Fast Forward Labs fourth report on Summarization.
Screenshot of the FF04 report. Focused on a section on recurrent neural networks, with a diagram illustration.
Fast Forward Labs Summarization report printed.
A shot of the first four books from Fast Forward Labs.
First cover sketch for the Fast Forward Labs Probabilistic Programming report.
More work on the cover for the FFL probabilistic programming report. I'm using data from our real estate prototype. The idea is that the back cover would be a scatter plot of the samples and the front cover a probability distribution for those samples.
Making some updates to the styling of the online report for the fifth Fast Forward Labs report.
More work on the online report styling for the FF05 report.
Starting on the diagrams for the fifth Fast Forward Labs report. This is a basic diagram of what Bayesian inference allows you to do.
A/B test example illustration for the Fast Forward Labs report.
Working on the cover for the fifth report. Decided to overlay the scatter plot graph and the probability distribution, rather than having one on the back and one on the front. This puts things more in line with the other covers. Still working out the details of the rest of the arrangement.
Working on illustrations for the fifth report.
More work on the fifth report cover.
Illustrations about sampling from the fifth Fast Forward Labs report.
Illustration on 'black box algorithms' for the probabilistic programming report.
Laying out the print version of the fifth Fast Forward Labs report.
Making sure the report formatting works on mobile.
The FF05 physical copies are here!
Working on a mock for FFL report product photos.
A GIF of the FF05 report. I made a photoshop mock for the book.
Working on putting all the book previews into the new mock book format.
A GIF of all the reports. Tedious photoshop placement finally bearing some fruit.
Working on standardizing the report HTML inside of our new client portal. Asciidoc templating is very _interesting_ to work with.
Standardizing the reports and putting them within the client portal. Taking the opportunity to try and clean up the mobile styling.
Working on figures for the interpretability report.
Interpretability report figures in progress.
Lots of figures in the second chapter of the interpretability report.
Starting work on the cover. The idea is a black box that is revealed or half-revealed. I am going to try making the inside programmatically with d3 and/or react.
Every dot connected to every other dot.
Region subdivision working.
Regions now being filled with circles programmatically.
A promising start to the new direction.
This is more at the scale that should look good on a book. Going to try some curves now.
Curves didn't look good. Mocked up the rest of the cover to get a sense of proportion. Feeling optimistic. Going to think more about how to do the one color gradient.
This seems promising. This is maybe mixing a couple of different aesthetics, need to think through how they mix some more.
It was fun to figure out the math for a circle. But I think it's probably not the right option here.
This is, I think, the best version of this direction, but I think I am going to change direction.
We're going full width.
Now with a table overlay... looks nice, I think. But the table overlay does not exactly scream interpretability.
Feeling good enough about this to step back from it for a little bit now.
The logical culmination. I'll see how I feel about it in the next few days but I think this is right.
In the midst of changing illustration colors for the figures in the report (and redrawing to make better).
Tweaking illustrations for the interpretability report.
Illustrations for the first chapter. This will be the second report to feature a thinking-face emoji and black-box algorithm combo.
Experimenting with covers again.
Some adjustments. I think this is probably the best versionof this direction.
Sci-fi story cartoons for the interpretability report Alien homage.
Important helmet adjustments.
The top cover contenders for the Interpretability report. I think I already know I am going to pick the one on the right.
Simplifying somewhat. Not sure I've got that angle right yet.
We're going to print more reports this time.
Dat.gui for cover generation in progress.
Final (I hope) interpretability cover draft.
I may be going a bit overboard with the 'thinking face' illustrations.
Back in Indesign.
Making book glamour shots again.
I made this composite shot of all our FFL covers so far a while ago but had not posted it here yet.
Making recommendation figures.
A cover possibility.
More cover possibilities. These might make less technical sense but I like them better.
Making figures for the recommendation report.
Making very scientific report figures.
Report cover print prep.
Updated the reports gif to include our latest report.
The printed reports are here!
Report packaging station.
Going to try making the report illustrations in Figma this time around.
I made a one-character-sized grid for the figure illustrations.
It's figure drawing week.
Figuring out the cover.
Laying out a report.
.@FastForwardLabs FF08: Multi-Task Learning is here. Designed by me, printed by @swayspace.
Style guide.
Lil turbofan.
FF09 cover exploration.
I made a notebook to generate the cover illustration for our federated learning report.
Beste is making the figures for the report this time around.
The styling need a little work but the math behind this federated learning diagram is working. Linear regression on each node and then weighted averaging on the "server".
I made an endless federated learning animation in Observable and also a GIF version. I didn't have it planned out to start so the code got super messy, but I have a lot of ideas about how to do it cleaner next time.