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I made something on the plane to remember how long it has been since certain things happened.
Working on a new version of this blog.
Working on a writing post set-up for the new version of this blog/website.
Slowly making my way through oauth for the new blog.
I made an alternate view for these posts.
I made a page for myself to remember important dates and how long I have been different places.
work work work work work work ... RSS feed in progress
My RSS feed seems to work.
I'm going to add a 'featured' section to this blog. To highlight the arc of specific projects. Trying to decide on how I should display them.
I added a button that will tell me out loud (in a robot voice) how long I have been doing certain things.
Trying something.
Everything is a calendar.
I need to make a few more responsive adjustments, but this version of my work-in-progress timeline is nearly finished.
Working on a 'stacks' page of the blog.
The interface for adding posts to stacks. Not the prettiest, but it works for now.