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Picture hanging arrangement generator

I'm trying to make a wall picture arrangement algorithm.
2018-4-15 15:58:29
It was hard to find examples of a center-out rectangle packing algorithm until I remembered that that is what word clouds are. Now I am working off this write-up of how Wordle works.
The wall picture arranger is sort of working -- I think I need to switch from an Archimedian spiral to a rectangular one.
I think I imagined this being more optimized than it is, but it makes sense that it's like this.
I got the picture hanging calculator to align things better.
We hung some pictures using advice from the picture hanging generator I made.
Working on a web app version of the picture hanging arrangement algorithm.
Figuring out how to break the picture hanging permutations into levels.
Drilling down through permutations.
I got the permutation explorer working well enough to add the generated arrangements back in.
More navigation signposting added to the picture hanging arranger algorithm.
Back from eyeo working on the picture hanging arrangement generator in the backyard. Displaying the label letters on the pictures themselves seemed like a logical step but was too distracting, so they're gone now.
Experimenting with a slider-based variation explorer for the picture hanging arrangement generator.
I don't think this slider version is successful -- to hard to understand the logic of what's going on.
I redid my picture hanging arrangement generator. I think the set-up is a lot more stable and predictable now. Or at least I understand it better.
There is definitely some way to make a measuring guide mode for the picture hanging generator. You could do it as a traveling salesperson problem? But I'm not sure that makes any sense?
This would probably work for a measurement path... but it probably does not make the most sense.
What am I going to do about the overlapping labels.
I added a measurement mode to the picture hanging arrangement generator. It's not perfect but it should be a big help in trying to lay them out IRL.