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Recommendation graph

Starting on a new demo with a pretty representative set of open browser tabs.
A graph is rendered.
I added fake names and real TV shows to the collaborative filtering demo in progress.
This is less decipherable than I thought it would be.
I got rid of all the colors.
This is a bug, but graph nodes on top of the sidebar is a good aesthetic.
Sidebar styled.
Highlight everything!
I refactored and changed data sources.
Too many movies.
Switching the link drawing over to canvas.
De-hairballing strategies have been ineffective so far.
Some progress made. Highlighting helps show there is some structure to the hairball.
It took me most of today to get these images working and now I'm not sure I like them.
Node highlights are back in the recommendation graph. Now with different transparency levels to indicate how many connections they have. Most of my time has been spent on getting a solid data structure for the different levels that flow out from the highlighted node. I am cautiously optimistic about the current one.