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I went down a weird (but fun) box-packing hole, trying to get a set number of squares (or near-squares) to completely fill a rectangle.
Planning to maybe make a sky clock with the average sky color from every 15 minutes with Micha's help.
Working on the brooklyn sky color clock. I got Micha's python code running locally. The sky hasn't change much since I started it up though.
The data only starts at 2:45 but I'm very happy with how the sky clock is shaping up. Looking forward to seeing a whole day in there.
The first day of the average sky color clock running for (almost) the entire day.
I'm setting up this spare, nearly-square monitor in the office with a raspberry pi as a temporary home for the Skyclock visualization.
The raspberry pi and I are having a disagreement about what fullscreen means.
Skyclock, the average NYC sky color clock, is running on its temporary office display home.
With @jqpubliq's help I got Skyclock to display on the old @electricobjects prototype screen. Hopefully I will get it wall-mounted soon.