Collections of posts based around certain projects or themes.

FF09 prototype

A federated learning prototype turbofan simulator

Fast Forward Labs reports

Design for the FFL reports


Work on this site


Work around the house

Jackson's birthday 2018

A birthday card for my nephew

Picture hanging arrangement generator

A tool for figuring out how to arrange pictures on your wall

Project calendar-o-matic

A project calendar maker experiment

Fast Forward Labs SciFi

Design for the FFL SciFi mini-site

FF08 prototype: Newsie

A mutli-task learning news classifier prototype

Color experiments

Trying to understand color


A clock that displayed the average color of the sky for each hour

Using three.js for 2D data visualization

Notebooks on how to use three.js to do 2D layouts

Fast Forward Labs blog editor

A markdon editor for the FFL Blog

FF07 prototype: Deep Bargain Book Store

A book recommendation prototype for the Semantic Recommendations report

Backyard Simulator

A simulation of our backyard

Recommendation graph

An incomplete recommendation graph prototype

Jackson's birthday 2017

A birthday card for my nephew

Fast Forward Labs website

Design for the FFL website

FF06 prototype: Refractor

A machine learning interpretability prototype

Fast Forward Labs blog

Design of the FFL Blog

FF04 prototype: Brief

A summarization prototype