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Inspiration ↓ Mar 27, 2021

Viewpoint demo by Scott Kim. Towards a computer for visual thinkers.


Inspiration ↓ Jan 12, 2021

Visual Programming Cortex - featuring lots of interesting experimental language examples.


Inspiration ↓ Jan 3, 2021

Desert Crust series by Andrew Benson


Inspiration ↓ Dec 20, 2020

Code as city visualizations.


Inspiration ↓ Dec 20, 2020

Visible structure, from A Pattern Language. On the importance of giving uses a direct sense of a building's structure. Thinking about this in relation to code and Minecraft. Via Yoshiki's notes.


Inspiration ↓ Dec 17, 2020
Inspiration ↓ Oct 28, 2020

Wall-mounted PC builds.


Inspiration ↓ Sep 25, 2020

"WebGL is only a rasterization API." That... actually helps.


Inspiration ↓ Sep 22, 2020

Why the #wasmsummit website isn't written in wasm - talk by Ashley Williams. This is one of the best, most concrete examples I've seen of thinking through the political and philosophical implications of a specific language/approach.


Inspiration ↓ Sep 19, 2020
Inspiration ↓ Sep 18, 2020
Inspiration ↓ Sep 8, 2020

Avara: "The placement of its nodes is exclusively based on a rough square grid. The original reason of this design choice was to facilitate collaboration on the font, and it now results in the radical and highly constrained shapes of this type family."


Inspiration ↓ Aug 21, 2020

Cabinet of Algorithmic Curiosities by Love Hultén.


Inspiration ↓ Aug 19, 2020

Fantastic talk by Joseph White on the motivations for the PICO-8 fantasy console. I love the attention to how the process of designing and coding should feel (cozy, inviting).


Inspiration ↓ Aug 4, 2020
Inspiration ↓ Jul 27, 2020

Cellular automata demos by Rudy Rucker using "CA Lab" software.

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Grant Custer is a designer-programmer interested in alternative interfaces.

Feed is where I document work and inspiration in progress. It is built using Hugo with a private Node.js app for posting. There is an RSS feed.

You can see my experimental interface work at Constraint Systems. I also design and build prototypes for Cloudera Fast Forward. I’m happy to talk on Twitter, email: grantcuster at gmail dot com, or Mastodon. You can see a full list of projects on my Index.