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Work and inspiration in progress

Inspiration ↓ Jul 28, 2021

The editing controls (both mouse and touch) are nicely done. They pack a good set of options in while still feeling lightweight.


Work ↓ Jul 27, 2021

Experimenting with gif frames in space.

Work ↓ Jul 24, 2021

Exploring some of the inception possibilities of three.js.

Work ↓ Jul 14, 2021

Texture warp with movable control panes.

Work ↓ Jul 11, 2021

Modify triangle drawn shape or texture source shape.

Work ↓ Jul 10, 2021

Warp network.

Work ↓ Jul 7, 2021

3D failure.

Work ↓ Jul 5, 2021

Getting closer to a workable distortion system, I think.

Work ↓ Jul 4, 2021

More triangulation and barycentric coordinate experiments.

Work ↓ Jul 2, 2021

Got a point to maintain it's position in a changing triangle using barycentric coordinates and d3-ternary.

Work ↓ Jun 26, 2021

Delaunay triangulation and texture warping debug. Still getting my head round this.

Work ↓ Jun 26, 2021

Triangulation progress. Some bugs still in there.

Work ↓ Jun 23, 2021

Getting closer to... something.

Work ↓ Jun 23, 2021

Not really what it is supposed to do.

Work ↓ Jun 22, 2021

The new project starts with BufferGeometry.

Work ↓ Jun 16, 2021

Flow - an experimental image editor that lets you set and direct pixel-flows.



Grant Custer is a designer-programmer interested in alternative interfaces.

Feed is where I document work and inspiration in progress. It is built using Hugo with a private Node.js app for posting. There is an RSS feed.

You can see my experimental interface work at Constraint Systems. I also design and build prototypes for Cloudera Fast Forward. I’m happy to talk on Twitter, email: grantcuster at gmail dot com, or Mastodon. You can see a full list of projects on my Index.