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Work and inspiration in progress

Work ↓ Aug 2, 2022

Getting closer on the CSS Paint design. Dropped the retro theme for now.

Work ↓ Jul 30, 2022

CSS paintings

Work ↓ Jul 19, 2022

More CSS paint work, with reordering support and some retro borders.

Work ↓ Jul 4, 2022

More CSS paint experiments.

Work ↓ Jul 2, 2022

CSS paint, maybe

Work ↓ Jun 19, 2022

Almost done with the bare-bones user account and place creation features for the div and CSS building blocks app.

Work ↓ Jun 1, 2022

More work on setting up a system of building blocks using divs, text fields, and CSS.

Work ↓ May 27, 2022

Div structure.

Work ↓ May 21, 2022


Work ↓ May 17, 2022


Work ↓ May 16, 2022

I keep bouncing off ideas for the next Constraint Systems thing, this isn't quite it... but maybe near.

Work ↓ May 2, 2022

Some early work on integrating css.gui with Sprout. Getting cautiously excited about the possibilities here.


Work ↓ Apr 30, 2022

Freeform canvas + freeform UI.

Work ↓ Apr 29, 2022

Toggles and dials and a crash.

Work ↓ Apr 27, 2022

More CSS frames.

Work ↓ Apr 27, 2022

More css frames.


Grant Custer is a designer-programmer interested in alternative interfaces.

Feed is where I document work and inspiration in progress. It is built using Hugo with a private Node.js app for posting. There is an RSS feed.

You can see my experimental interface work at Constraint Systems. I also design and build prototypes for Cloudera Fast Forward. I’m happy to talk on Twitter, email: grantcuster at gmail dot com, or Mastodon. You can see a full list of projects on my Index.