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Work and inspiration in progress

Inspiration ↓ Oct 28, 2020

Wall-mounted PC builds.


Work ↓ Oct 26, 2020

In the forest.

Work ↓ Oct 26, 2020

Texturing a cube.

Work ↓ Oct 24, 2020

Working on the interface for a texture cube diorama.

Work ↓ Oct 21, 2020


Work ↓ Oct 21, 2020

Photo cube.

Work ↓ Oct 20, 2020

Cube with face culling.

Work ↓ Oct 18, 2020

Inside the cube.

Work ↓ Oct 17, 2020

More screen config.

Work ↓ Oct 15, 2020

Textures and cube.

Work ↓ Oct 15, 2020

Akira cube.

Work ↓ Oct 15, 2020

I got the basic mechanics of a 2D grid drawing app working in WebGL (using Regl!). I think I just convinced myself I'm going to pause this and try something actually 3D, though.

Work ↓ Oct 13, 2020

Figuring out WebGL line-chart zoom.

Work ↓ Oct 12, 2020

Doing some WebGL line tests.

Work ↓ Oct 10, 2020

Figuring out triangle bevel line joins.

Work ↓ Oct 9, 2020

WebGL line of triangles + text texture.


Grant Custer is a designer-programmer interested in alternative interfaces.

Feed is where I document work and inspiration in progress. It is built using Hugo with a private Node.js app for posting. There is an RSS feed.

You can see my experimental interface work at Constraint Systems. I also design and build prototypes for Cloudera Fast Forward. I’m happy to talk on Twitter, email: grantcuster at gmail dot com, or Mastodon. You can see a full list of projects on my Index.